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Sculptures in Rows


A comprehensive list of some of our past work



Bacardi ( house party sessions)

A tall man who does not fit in spaces was what Mezurahi was searching for and the one who he fits with perfectly. Kushal is 6'10 and it was his very first time acting. Right after that we found his perfect match Aisha who regardless of the differences, moves in with him. Every character in the sage video was a unique find.


Ape Echoes

Bacardi ( house party sessions)

A conceptual video, where the character had to order a clone machine and use other clones as his run away from all his tasks. There was only one man who we knew who spoke of cloning machines. Jim Sarbh and his clones made the video reflect the fast pace of our lives in a technological era.

MezurashiAsset 15website.png

Netflix for valentines

Bacardi ( house party sessions)

A relationship always is welcome to have a third wheel. Here the third wheel was Netflix, we see a new added profile on an ex couples account which then turns out into a war, where they change names, photos and start bringing their past on it. Mezurashi has searched and knocked on every door and ally to find the cast for Netlfix.

MezurashiAsset 13website.png

Nothing For Our Own

Hanita Bhambri (artist)

We see a girl just leave the house cause of an argument with her loved one, she travels around on her scooter. Hoping to leave the city, while she explores her way out at every turn she sees a lot of couples which makes her go back home. The door opens, and we see another girl which is her girlfriend. We had to find the perfect couple, we picked both of them after they couldn't stop talking to each other at their first workshop meet.

MezurashiAsset 8website.png


Bacardi ( house party sessions)

A lot of emotions because we are talking about a newlywed bride, waking up right after her wedding, she krumps, does Kathak, cooks and waits for her husband. We then see, the husbands face the actual artist of the song. Who is known as ritviz turns out to be her husband. Vedika Pinto played that state of mind perfectly.

MezurashiAsset 9website.png



Volkswagen wanted to create a heartwarming digital film for Christmas. The story was simple and innocent. Peeping into the world of a 6-year-old. All she wanted was for her dad to stay at home for Christmas, and she turns into a little burglar to steal his toys that keep in away from her. We see NItara Bhambani who holds the record of the youngest child girl to recite the national anthem, she is only a 4-year-old. Her father Harpreet Vir decides to take her for a drive in the New Tiguan. We had seen Harpreet on a Netflix show and wanted him to play the character on Nitaras father in the film.

MezurashiAsset 16website.png

Baatein karo

Sony music

A couple on a vacation, realize that using the phone a little too much have left them mute in their relationship. During their journey after they realize this they keep their phones away and start paying attention to each other more. We searched and then found Liana, Shray who come from different cultures. When they were called for the workshop. It was a yes.

MezurashiAsset 10website.png

Nit Nit

White Hill Productions

A girl, who is going through a recent break up has been revived with happiness with her dog Kobe. After a lot of good time walks and run on the beach with Kobe, she forgets her episode with her ex and lives a peaceful life with Kobe. We had a lot of featuring actors in this music video.

MezurashiAsset 11website.png

Jio Porting

Reliance Jio

Jio porting made easy, working with a telecom brand where the message had to be loud and clear. We cast Ayesha Adlakha as we all have seen her in many shows. She is a character who is  just not loud with her amazing personality but also is very clear with her vision when it comes to dialogue delivery.


Home Credit App Launch

White Hill Productions

When you come home and see a new TV it raises a question. A question where you feel it must have been your hidden money. Your roommate has finally brought a TV without a job. A combination of two opposite characters were cast paras and Daljeet. They both were comical and wonderful with their performance.

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